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Are you in need of residential and commercial painters in North Providence, RI? T&T Painting is among the leading painting companies providing exterior and interior painting, power washing and wood staining services throughout Rhode Island. Our services are available in Cranston, Johnston, Warwick, West Warwick, and East Providence among others.

Painting is usually one of those jobs that many DIY enthusiasts consider doing on their own. However, it is more difficult than you might think, and the end result is usually where the difference lies. Painting companies will have professional painters that will consider things like surface preparation, obstacle removal, priming, coating and touchups, and more. These take years of practice to perfect, which is why it is best to leave such work to the experts.

With over 33 years of experience and a reputation for being ‘fanatics in service preparation’, T&T painting is one of the top painting companies in Rhode Island. You can be sure that when you choose us, you’ll get the very best painting services for your home’s exterior or interior every time.


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Residential And Commercial Painters
North Providence, RI

When it comes to choosing painters in North Providence for your residential or commercial painting needs, it’s important to ask the right questions. One of the most important factors you’ll consider when choosing your service provider is the cost. As such, it is advisable to find out whether the cost of the paint is included in the estimate, and whether to expect extra costs like that for removing heavy furniture.

We provide free estimates on request based on the information you provide to us. This means that the more detailed information you provide, the more accurate the estimate will be. We have residential and commercial painters available to speak to you about your project in North Providence, RI and what the cost may be. When you work with us, you’re assured of transparency. We understand just how vital it is to have a budget and stick to it.

T&T Painting Contractors

Interior And Exterior Painting Services

Expert interior and exterior painting services can give your home or building a fresh new look, which is why you want to work with a trusted painting company near you. You’ll be confident knowing that the painting company you choose will do the job to your expectation.

At T&T Painting, more than 80 percent of the people who enlist our painting services are referrals or repeat customers. We have built a strong reputation over the years and strive to maintain it with each new job. Look no further for a trusted painting company near you.

T&T Painting Contractors

Power Washing Services Near Me

Is your home’s exterior losing its appeal due to accumulated dirt? Then it may be time to get in touch with a power washing service provider near you. Power washing services save you the time and trouble of having to scrub every nook and cranny of your home’s exterior.

Additionally, professional power washing specialists will consider factors like surface safety when performing the service. As a result, you won’t have to worry about stripped paint or harmful residue afterward. As one of the leading painting companies, we have provided excellent power washing services for all types of homes and surfaces. That is why you can be sure that we’ll do the job right the first time.

T&T Painting Contractors

Wood Staining Services

Wood staining services are important because they help lengthen the lifespan of wood structures, including wooden homes. Professional wood staining services also help to protect your home from harmful climatic conditions and ultraviolet light.

That is also why you should leave such work to professional wood staining or painting companies. That way, you can be sure they will only use premium quality products and the best techniques. We perform top-notch wood staining to yield longer-lasting mildew resistance and color retention.

Are you in need of superior services from the best painting companies? Call us today for high-quality painting, wood staining, and power washing services in East Greenwich, RI.

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