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Exterior Painting Services
West Warwick, RI

Looking for exterior painting contractors near you? T&T Painting provides exterior painting services for houses in West Warwick, RI at an affordable cost. Our services are also available to residents in cities and towns like Barrington, Exeter, Coventry, East Greenwich and South Kingston, RI.

The exterior paint forms the first layer of protection for your home. As a result, it is exposed to harsh weather and damage from insects. Over the years, this paint tends to fade and lose its original color. So, the home loses some of its beautiful appeal. In fact, it is worth noting that faded painting can devalue your home even if the interior is well done.


Professional exterior painting services can help restore your home’s curb appeal. When choosing between exterior painting contractors near you, go for quality workmanship. This is what T&T Painting offers. Our painters are certified and situated near you to provide prompt services. Further, you can always expect a competitive exterior house painting cost when you choose us.

T&T Painting Contractors

Exterior Painting Contractors Near Me

Do you really need exterior painting services? A dull house simply needs a fresh coat of paint to look amazing. The harsh UV rays take a toll on your paint over the years. If you notice that your home is starting to lose its appeal, then it may be time to get exterior painting services.  Professional painters will begin by clearing the faded paint, especially if the faded paint is also peeling.

Our painters will conduct thorough prep work before they begin to apply the paint. We do not take short cuts to get the job done fast. Our exterior painting contractors are well trained on the right procedures to follow. Ensure that you get exterior painting services from reputable contractors when you notice fading paint. This is because increased moisture buildup may cause warping or the formation of mold.

T&T Painting Contractors

Exterior Painting Near Me

Cracking or bubbling paint is yet another sign that your West Warwick, RI home needs repainting. Poor weatherproofing techniques cause cracks and bubbles to form on painted surfaces. Wet or dry rot can also cause cracks. For a thorough paint job, the cracks and any bubbles are first removed. The prep phase also requires the old paint and plaster cleaned out. You can only get such high-quality services from professional painting companies in West Warwick, RI.

When talking to exterior painting service providers, find out how they deal with cracks and bubbles. For instance, depending on the extent of the cracking, our painters may apply a sheetrock compound to smooth the walls. They also apply several coats of a primer or seal for a smooth finish. If the cracks and bubbles remain unfixed, then the paint will not last. In that case, you may have to repaint again a few months afterward. So, go with the team that is diligent and thorough for every project.

T&T Painting Contractors

Exterior House Painting Cost

When choosing between exterior painting service providers near you, be sure that the estimates you get are accurate. Some companies will give you an initial quote but then hike the rates later on. An accurate estimate will also help you plan appropriately. Keep in mind that the final exterior house painting cost will largely depend on the size of the job.

Typically, jobs that require more preparation cost more. The type of paint you choose will also affect the final cost, and extra services like paint patterns may cost more. The cost will also vary based on the number of coats you want. However, fewer coats may mean that you’ll need another repaint sooner.

At T&T Painting, we believe in upfront pricing. Our estimates have no hidden charges. As a result, you can expect the actual exterior house painting cost to be very close, if not the same. Painting can transform your home and give it a fresh look. Get in touch with us today for the best exterior painting services in Johnston, Cranston, East Providence, and West Warwick, RI.

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